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Port Orchard, WA


We have an Oceana ukulele waiting for you to play... be it the songs of the Islands, or gypsies, pirates, punk rockers, or the deep down blues. We pour our hearts and souls into our ukuleles, it's up to you to make it sing!  Oceana Ukuleles, makers of finely crafted instruments.



Jon's Baritone



"Nothing can bring my stress levels down quicker than playing the Ukulele on the beach. My Oceana uke means a lot to me. It's a well made instrument with a rich, beautiful tone crafted by like-minded, saltwater souls up in Washington.
A Hawaiian instrument, crafted by Washington surfers, played on the shores of California. Feels like a Pacific Ocean brotherhood with more commonalities than differences."

                      -Jon Foreman of Switchfoot,

                                                San Diego, CA

Phil's Concert

"Since I own an Oceana ukulele, I'm picking it up often and exploring all the lovely places one can go with this sweet four-stringed instrument. These are really wonderful instruments and when you play an Oceana, the sound harkens back to a sweet and simpler time of music-that's at least how it affects me."

                                                       --Phil Keaggy, Nashville, TN

Phil Keaggy is an American acoustic and electric guitarist and vocalist who has released more than 50 albums and contributed to many more recordings in both the contemporary Christian and mainstream markets. He is a seven-time recipient of the GMA Dove Award for Instrumental Album of the Year, and was twice nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album. He has frequently been listed as one of the world's top-three "finger-style", as well as "finger-picking", guitarists by Guitar Player Magazine readers' polls.

The Ukulele Review (Ukulele Resource Center)

We had the pleasure of having our ukuleles reviewed by "The Ukulele Review". If you want in-depth and honest opinions about our work, click on the Ukulele Review Logo or this link.

Josh's Tenor

Koa Redwood tenor 

Hey Zac
Just wanted to say hello and let you know the uke is fantastic and I’m loving it. Thanks again brother!
I hope all is well w/you and your family!
— Josh

Sean's Tenor

Sean's Tenor

Sean's Tenor

I bought a tenor ukulele from Oceana Ukuleles and the more I play it, the more impressed I am with it, so I just want to pass on my compliments.

It’s the one that you loaned to Ukulele Bartt for his video. Several months ago, I stumbled across the uke comparison on that video that he calls something like Whole Lotta Ukes. So I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and listened to hear which one I thought sounded the best. Every time, I kept coming back to that Oceana one... it sounded just right to me.

I felt like I couldn’t let it go. I’m not a collector, but I felt like this was a dream ukulele and you’d priced it at a level that I could afford. That’s why I snatched it up. It was so beautiful and it sounded so good. I really fell in love with the ukulele. It’s so easy to play. And that sound. I love it.

My wife is from Hawaii, a lot of times, our family gatherings result in us sitting around, strumming. I brought the Oceana up to my brother-in-law’s house this past Christmas. My brother-in-law couldn’t put it down. Even when he tried, he’d say, “No. My fingers are itching,” and pick it back up. I played along with him on another ukulele. This gave me the opportunity to really listen to the Oceana as I followed my brother-in-law’s lead. I was swept away again. What a uke!

After we finally stopped playing, my brother-in-law’s father-in-law (if you can follow that connection), this old local guy from Hawaii, asked, “What is that ukulele? It sounds just like an old Martin.” I’ve heard those old Martin tenors. It’s quite a compliment to be compared to them. To be honest, though, I prefer that Oceana you made.
— Sean

The Jug or Nots

Hello Zac,
I truly love my Oceana Ukulele. My wife can tell you just how many I played before I decided on one. There were quite a number of “expensive” and a few “cheapies” that I played that sounded pretty good. But each time I passed - the one I already owned sounded better or just as well. My wife noticed your booth at Cerritos before I saw it and she called me over. I played a couple other ukuleles you had displayed before I played your C-124. Although I didn’t play it long, it got under my skin somehow. We went into the auditorium to see our club members perform but my mind was on the uke. After the show we stopped by and I played it a bit more but your booth was busy and I really didn’t have the money at the time. I left... but I had your card. I think I waited a couple days before I called and had you hold it... the rest is history.

The band, the Jug or Nots is booked to play at the 100 year celebration of Scouting. There will be over 20,000 people attending on October 16th. I’ll be up there jammin’ with my Oceana Uke in front of my biggest audience, ever!
— Uncle Dave of the Jug or Nots

John's Baritone

The Baritone

The Baritone

I’ve had the chance to drive it for a few miles now and am extremely pleased with it. The quality of the woods and the workmanship is outstanding. It plays and sounds amazing! I’ve been playing uke for over 60 years (yeah, I’m a geezer) and have had the chance to play some of the best ukes in the world. This uke truly has soul. I call it “old style”. It’s been a pleasure to play and I know I’ve got many happy hours of play ahead. Please accept my thanks for producing such a great instrument. (Thanks for the t-shirt too!)
— John

Bob "DaDawg"'s Octavìn

"Say hey, i got da Supa-Uke home...90.7dBthat is 'bluegrass loud' my friends, aka KILLER ;-)way cool great workmanship and quality of sound.super well balanced with no barking/wolf notes.i am sooo happy with this monster axe, luv ya baby."
                                            -DaDawg, Santa Cruz, CA

"I was at the Northern California Wine Country Ukulele Festival, I spent quite a bit of time talking to the guys in the Oceana both. They were one of about 20 fine luthiers. They had something the called a Supa’lele which was a five fret short beautiful guitar ADGCEA. My ukulele buddy Bob “DaDawg” (see the coment above)  from Santa Cruz swiped it up into his collection without much hesitation!
I thought that the rosette designs were quite beautiful and perhaps they have an Equadorian flair. See the Oceana site gallery. The fronts were quite thin and the polish was much like my DaSilva ukulele. And the prices were a bit lower that other custom luthiers."