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Port Orchard, WA


We have an Oceana ukulele waiting for you to play... be it the songs of the Islands, or gypsies, pirates, punk rockers, or the deep down blues. We pour our hearts and souls into our ukuleles, it's up to you to make it sing!  Oceana Ukuleles, makers of finely crafted instruments.


Ukulele Bass

Zac Steimle

Back in 2005 my dad encouraged me to build a Ukulele Bass… 9 years later I finally got to it! This one was my Prototype and the one I will play and take to festivals! I really am hooked on this little bass... such a nice sound (the U-Bass sounded alright and that is what kept me back for so long). I wanted to make one that sounded even better and I succeeded! I used parallel bracing and built in an acoustic quality that keeps this bass ahead of the rest! K&K pure bass pickup.


The Scalloped Fretboard keeps this Oceana Bass playing silky smooth.

I had to change the pickup on this Uke Bass and a backdoor became necessary. 

Oceana Ukulele Bass with Nautilus sound holes and a Ammonite fossil inlayed on the heel.

I added the turtle NW style to keep it at it's best!